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Furor Musicus

Regnier Nicolas

Begeisterung ist ein Feuer, das die Innenwelt in Fluß erhält. Aber Vernunft muß ihr die Gußform richten, in die sich das geschmolzene Metall ergießt. (Otto von Leixner, 1847 - 1907)

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Furor Musicus was founded by Antoinette in 2008. The ensemble is primarily devoted to performing and recording little-known 17th- and 18th-century repertoire on period instruments and carrying out the necessary historical research. The performers wish to guard against simply going with the flow of traditions that have developed over the past decades within the historically informed performance movement. The name Furor Musicus derives from the term Furor Poeticus, a Latin expression often used to refer to poetic inspiration in ancient Greek and Roman literature. The word furo(r) refers to a state of intense excitement, in some cases even bordering on madness. The term Furor Poeticus refers to the capacity to be inspired and inspire others.

Poetic inspiration is often described as a state in which the poet is the passive and unconscious mouthpiece of a higher power, but in fact, there was an equal emphasis on craft and inspiration throughout antiquity. It was the same with music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

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St. Lucas painting the Madonna (1532). The man standing behind the painter probably depicts the 'poetic' inspiration: with his right hand he is leading the hand of the painter.

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