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Our new CD ‘Thesauri Inventio’ by Di Martinelli will be out by Setptember 24th 2021!! 

CD Di Marinelli CD Kromeriz
Download Di Martinelli Dutch CD booklet here.

From the 24th of September 2021, you can order our new double CD: Thesauri inventio.
Thesauri inventio: hidden treasures, subsequently discovered or found.
During the several Corona lockdowns, Jörn Boysen and Antoinette Lohmann (few pieces with cello) recorded 11 sonatas for violino in scordarura (differently tuned violin) from the Di Martinelli Music Collection and 9 spectacular sonatas from the Kromeriz Music Collection. Seventeen of the pieces recorded have not been recorded before. Both the repertoire and the empty schedules we suddenly had proved to be thesauri inventio. The CD’s come with two separate, very informative booklets, written by Antoinette Lohmann. If you are interested in this double-CD, it would really be helpful if you would order it directly from us. Musicians have to pay for their own recordings and productions themselves nowadays, selling CD’s is the only way they have to actually finance the production. You can order the CD by sending an email to

Recensie Luister November 2021.

Recensie Pizzicato September 2021.

Recensie Scherzo December 2021 (selected Thesauri Inventio as Disco excepcional).

Recensie Volkskrant October 2021.

Recensie October 2021.