U luistert naar Sonate in C-groot voor fortepiano en viool - Largo Allegro Con Spirito van Joseph Martin Kraus.


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 Just arrived, our new CD with violin sonatas by Pieter Hellendaal!! You can order it now for at the introductory price of €17,50, shipping within the Netherlands included.
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Pieter Hellendaal Violin Sonatas

 Phantasia Musica. 17th Century violin repertory, published in Germany and Austria. Sonatas by Voigt, Viviani, Baal, Albertini, Schenck and Kindermann, performed by Furor Musicus.


phantasia musica

nozeman2         nozeman         bach          kraus

danzi     uitnemend kabinet         abbondanata           estau

belle van zuilen        mozart

Overige CD's
Franz Danzi (1763-1826): Quartets opus 40 for bassoon, violin, viola and violoncello. island. Jane Gower, bassoon; Antoinette Lohmann, violin, Galina Zinchenko, viola and Jennifer Morsches, violoncello. Centaur CRC 2708, also available on iTunes.

Franz Krommer (1759-1831): Kwartetten voor fagot, 2 altviolen en cello. Island Ars Production, also available on iTunes.

Benedictus Buns (ca 1640-1716): Orpheus Elianus (sonates voor twee violen, gamba en orgel), Ensemble Séverin NM 92131

David Petersen (1650- 1737): CD for the Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds: All pieces recorded on instruments from their collection, on this particualr CD on instruments from the "Amsterdam School".

Nederlandse Bachvereniging / Netherlands Bach Society/ Cappella Figuralis:
-Saints & Sinners
-Angels & Sheperds
-Death & Devotion
-Membra Jesu Nostri (D.Buxtehude)
-Johannes Passion (one per part)
-Beloved & Beautiful, with the beautiful "meine Freundin, du bist schön" fromJohann Christoph Bach.
Released by Channel Classics, all CD's available on iTunes.

Ludwig Otten (1924): chamber music, (sonata for viola and piano (1953), as interpreted by the Helios Ensemble.
The Helios Ensemble also released a CD with other Dutch compositions (Tristan Keuris (pianotrio), Jaap Geraedts, Lex van Delden en Rob Dubois.

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